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Team Gratitude | Modicare Business Plan दिखाने के बाद Products का Order कैसे लें & Customers बनायें

Modicare Crown Diamond Director Dr Shakti Kumar sharing his experience on how to get products order after showing Modicare Business Plan and How to ...

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Given: own and outsourcing projects, some participants work remotely.

Required: you need to quickly assign tasks to performers, plan sprints, track performance and statuses, visualize processes and share results with customers.

Choosing for ourselves services with the help of which we could work on projects several times more efficiently, we had a whole list of various services of task and time management for managing and planning projects, team work, building online diagrams, etc.

Initially, there were more than 100 services, but the list was gradually reduced, and we stopped our choice on three that best meet our needs: Jira, Slack and GanttPro. But, if suddenly these services do not help you in planning tasks and working with the team, I share with you a complete list:

The search process is often complicated by the fact that all services, as one, write The best service that helps to turn your ideas into reality and realize your projects. Today.». So, what are you doing? Therefore, in this list without unnecessary epithets, just what service is able. 🙂

1. Jira is a powerful online service that allows development teams to plan projects, assign task performers, plan sprints and collect tasks in backlog, set priorities and deadlines.

What for our team were pluses:

Drag & Drop for dragging tasks in backlog, in sprint.
A large number of filtering settings.
Visualization — allows you to quickly navigate and make changes in the sprint.
Ability to select reasons for closing tasks.
Detailed reports.
Ease of project management.
Simple and convenient time tracker.

What for our team were minuses:

Due to the huge amount of settings, it is very difficult and takes a long time to understand them, it is often difficult to simply find the answer to the question of interest, the FAQ does not describe the ways to solve problems in sufficient detail.
There is no possibility of assigning multiple performers for 1 task.
Applying certain settings to filters that are useful to a command can block settings that are already used.

2. Slack is a web service (applications for desktop, iOS and Android are also available) for creating chat rooms and separate groups for discussion with a team, clients or users.

What for our team were pluses:

Simplicity and speed of the application (Slack was chosen as an alternative to Skype).
Cross-platform: can be used from any device.
Ability to create separate groups.
Fast file sharing.
Quick message search.
Free as long as you do not exceed the limit in messages.

What for our team were minuses:

All the main features are scattered and hidden in the drop-downs.
It is not possible to customize the interface.
No ability to turn off notifications.

3. GanttPro — Gantt chart that allows you to plan and manage projects online, visualize processes, create tasks and assign them to participants, set deadlines and percentage of individual tasks and the project as a whole, add milestones, and share the created Gantt schedule with the team and with clients with the right to view or edit.

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